Jan grew up in Västervik. Devoted to music and guitars, documentary footage of Led Zeppelin had a powerful effect on him. These images were instrumental in his decision to become a photographer. Jan graduated from Gamleby Yrkeshögskola, where he studied photography (1980-82). Aged 17 Jan moved to Stockholm (1982) and teamed up with childhood friend and journalist Stefan Johansson (Okej, Action). He soon began working as a freelance photographer for numerous Swedish and international music publications. This included photographing international artists such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Alice Cooper, Def Leppard, and Roxette, to name a few. Urged to develop his photography he started a commercial photo studio in Stockholm (1984). His assignments included Album covers (Cheiron), advertising campaigns (Philips, AD Force, Stockholm Water Festival) and magazine photography (Tidningen Z).

Jan went to work for producer Valdemar Bergendahl at SF (Swedish Film Industry) and was their contracted stills photographer for many years. Work included Astrid Lindgren films, 1939, Black Jack, Blankt vapen, Agnes Cecilia, Svart Lucia, Sökarna, Kådisbellan, Vendetta, Hamilton, and more. Jan took an interest in underwater photography and is a certified Rescue diver. Jan also co owned the company Diving Safaris (1990). In 1994, Jan moved on to the moving pictures. At Dramatiska Institutet (DI) he learned from cinematography legend Jan Lindeström (Kvarteret Korpen). Jan graduated (1997) and holds a Bachelors degree in Cinematography. During his first five years as a cinematographer he worked and collaborated with Ingmar Bergmans favourite camera man, Sven Nykvist. Jan met Sven at DI where Sven held a Professorship. Examples of films Jan shot with Sven included the world wide documentary The World of Skanska directed by Liv Ullman, and the commercial GoldFish credit card by director John Lloyd (Limelight London) starring Scotsman and comedian Billy Connolly.

In collaboration with production companies Frame Store and Förberg Film, Jan also worked with films for clients like: SKF, Vattenfall, Skanska, Assi Domän, SSAB, and more. In 1997 Jan directed second unit cinematography and operated the camera in the award winning film Rackelhane. Other second unit work included Hamilton (1998), Taurus, Olivia Twist, Borkmann's Point, Moreno and the Silence, and more. Jan also directed numerous music videos. In 1998 Emilia Mitiku had her world wide hit Big Big World. The video was shot on location in New York. Feature films, TV series and documentaries shot by Jan included Eva och Adam II, Eva och Adam - Fyra födelsedagar och ett fiasko (2001), Kontaktannonsen, Lilla Jönssonligan på kollo (2003), Den långa resan and Närkontakt. In 2004 Jan teamed up with the New York based production company Aestheticom to shoot Song 4 Lovers with Liberty X featuring Rev Run from Run DMC. During this period Jan also co owned 36o - a production company for film and moving images.

Jan has received several awards and nominations, such as:
Guldklappan for the film Elements in Motion/SKF (2003).
Guldklappan Best Cinematography for the film Heavy Plate by the sea/SSAB (1999).
Silver Camera Award Chicago Film festival for Heavy Plate by the sea (1999).
IFPI Gold Award for the single Emilia - Big Big World.
IFPI Platinum Award for the single Emilia - Big Big World.
IFPI Platinum Award for the album Emilia - Big Big World (1998).
Bergshamra filmfestival Best Cinematography for Samuel Becket - Eh Joe (1996).

In 2005 Jan decided to pursue another great interest of his - Information Technology. Jan graduated in 2009 with a Master thesis in ICT Systems Security, and holds a Master of Science degree in Computer and Systems sciences from Stockholm University/the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). He kept his interest for music and guitars through the years and is an avid collector of vintage guitars. Today Jan manage projects in Business development and Enterprise Architecture.

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